phone repair terms & conditions

All customers agree with the T&C’s when leaving their device with Oscar’s TechHUB

  1. Refunds for returned screens are 50% of the cost price to cover for labour (parts = 50%).

  2. All phones are inspected before work is done so that no future issues of the phone are falsely blamed

  3. A detailed report is filled out on file for each repair listing the problems and any underlying issues

  4. When a repair is fulfilled, there is a warranty period of 30 DAYS where any issues with THE REPAIRED PART only are either amended, replaced, or refunded.

  5. Under NO circumstances is a refund allowed for a change of mind of their screen repair

  6. If a repair is fulfilled yet another phone issue arises, that is under no circumstances the repairer’s fault and will be subject to inspection to determine the cause of the issue. If the part that was replaced is deemed faulty, the customer has the choice of either the 50% refund or the part replaced in full. Customer’s acknowledge that sometimes what is repaired here is not the only issue with the phone and may arise at a later date.

  7. If an issue arises DURING the repair, the customer will be informed. Customer understands that occasionally repairs on phones can cause another issue to arise, as phones are programmed to one screen when they are built.

  8. All Terms & Conditions above are voided if the screen is provided by the customer in a “screen installation only” service.

  9. Warranties on repaired devices commence immediately after payment or repair, guarantees on screen repairs last for 30 days, any further work done as part of the guarantee is subject to inspection by Oscar’s TechHUB in case of any damage inflicted. Refunds are also provided only within the 30-day guarantee period providing the phone has not been further damaged upon inspection and the screen can be returned in its original form, working or not.

  10. If a phone is left in our possession after repair and have not received a response when informed to pick up the device, under the Uncollected Goods Act of 1995, Oscar’s TechHUB has the right to sell or possess your device after a period of 3 months.